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TNT Esthetics has been around since December 2016. Providing Esthetic Spa Services, Eye Brow Tattooing, and Eye Brow Tattooing when you need them. How would you contact a favorite of families in Willow Creek? What is your personality?

Are You the Decisive Drive-By? This is the guy that jumps in his vehicle on a whim and just drives on over to meet us at Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84199 to discuss his Esthetic Spa Services and Eye Brow Tattooing needs. He’s decisive and he’s smart. What better way to assess the quality of a company than by landing on their turf and getting your eyes on the masterminds? This guy will even ask for Salt Lake City Esthetician, Taryn Korinne by name. Very smart.

Are You the Daring Dialer? This guy is a busy fellow with important priorities and meetings and people in his life. He doesn’t have time to parade around town in his tie and slacks trying to find the best Eye Brow Tattooing provider. He is a discerning listener. Trained to note the cheerful, the knowledgeable, the respectful as he interacts with Salt Lake City’s greatest treasure… TNT Esthetics.

Or Are You the Super Surfer? Tech-savvy as can be, this guy will run circles around your grandma. He’s comfortable at home, trying to sort the ins and outs of Eye Brow Tattooing and Esthetic Spa Services from his desk. His internet screen is navigated to and he emails his questions to He knows TNT Esthetics is open 8:28 a.m. a.m. to 5:58 p.m. p.m. but resists the urge to call or visit them. And that’s okay with the knowledgeable employees at TNT Esthetics. We take all kinds of women who want permanent eyebrows, women who want their eyebrows to look great all the time, and women who want permanent eyebrows that look great that South Towne and Lone Peak want to throw at us. We appreciate the business. Visitors, callers or techies are all welcome.


Call: 385-355-4868

About TNT Esthetics
TNT Esthetics is located in the Greater Salt Lake City area providing all areas of Beauty and Spa including Cosmetology, Esthetics, Medical Esthetics, Electrolysis, Laser Hair Removal, Permanent Cosmetics, Nail Technology and Makeup Artistry.

TNT Esthetics

TNT Esthetics