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The season of cool fun and holiday cheer in Lone Peak. TNT Esthetics’s attentive employees freeze everything to discuss Esthetic Spa Services with interested women who want permanent eyebrows who have called or stopped by to have a cozy meeting about their Esthetic Spa Services needs. Spreading cheer with our quick learning women who want their eyebrows to look great all the time.


The season of renewal and annual cleaning. TNT Esthetics is organized and fresh. Offering Tired eye treatment that takes the years away and renews your youthful look and Eye lash extensions that add length and beauty to any new look to Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. We’re not as young as we look, having been around since 2016, but our experience can help you turn over a new leaf or relish a new beginning. Begin anew by calling 385-355-4868.


Things start heating up when a choice has to be made by our South Towne women who want permanent eyebrows that look great. Do you choose Eye Brow Tattooing or Eye Brow Tattooing? But this is the relaxation season and an extraordinary approach is to let the knowledgeable people at TNT Esthetics take care of the vital aspects of our business and you can laze around by the pool for the afternoon.


Colorful and crisp, earthy and settled. A season for settling in and buttoning down the hatches Willow Creek. The budget needs to be examined. What’s going on with the income? Keep in mind that at TNT Esthetics we work to maintain competitive pricing and avoid pricey mistakes. We offer Eyebrow sculpting for a manicured look that draws attention to your eyes and we offer Tired eye treatment that takes the years away and renews your youthful look.

Women who want permanent eyebrows that look great can get our experienced eye brow tattooing for a permanent look that takes the work out of your morning routine

Year round, we are seasoned and available to serve the greater Salt Lake City community.


Call: 385-355-4868

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TNT Esthetics is located in the Greater Salt Lake City area providing all areas of Beauty and Spa including Cosmetology, Esthetics, Medical Esthetics, Electrolysis, Laser Hair Removal, Permanent Cosmetics, Nail Technology and Makeup Artistry.

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