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Receive the Best! In serving the Willow Creek, Lone Peak, and South Towne areas, here at TNT Esthetics we know everything under the sun is vying for your time and attention.

We offer simple ways to measure whether you are choosing the good, better or best of all your competing choices in Esthetic Spa Services and Eye Brow Tattooing.

1. Look Beyond Just-Meeting-The-Need to Product Quality
Our knowledgeable staff have been meeting with women who want permanent eyebrows, women who want their eyebrows to look great all the time, and women who want permanent eyebrows that look great from Willow Creek to South Towne to Draper for 1 industrious years. We have been improving everything we have to offer and adjusting our responses to questions based on training and what we hear from clients like you. When you come to us about Esthetic Spa Services, we draw on that knowledge and wisdom to deliver the best we can!

2. Determine Time Investment and Location
Whether you live nearby or a short drive away, with TNT Esthetics there are ways to keep the time commitment to a minimum. One essential tool we offer is access right here on the web at That makes us good. Add in our speedy service and knowledgeable staff. That makes us better. But given our central location in Salt Lake City, best is just what we are!

Salt Lake City Esthetician Taryn Korinne

3. Consider the Wisdom and Experience of Other People

Women who want permanent eyebrows enjoy esthetic spa services that make you feel great
Women who want their eyebrows to look great all the time will appreciate our experienced eyebrow tattooing that darkens and highlights your eyes in a beautiful permanent frame

Come see who deals superbly with their Draper neighbors. Not just good friends, not even your better friends, but your very BEST friends in Esthetic Spa Services at TNT Esthetics located near you in Salt Lake City.

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TNT Esthetics is located in the Greater Salt Lake City area providing all areas of Beauty and Spa including Cosmetology, Esthetics, Medical Esthetics, Electrolysis, Laser Hair Removal, Permanent Cosmetics, Nail Technology and Makeup Artistry.

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